About Us

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to dental excellence as an endpoint relies on the smooth road to get there. We are committed to each and every patient, with personalized treatment throughout this process. We strive to be the Top Orthodontist San Diego.

With personalized service to every patient, we will work together to achieve the fantastic smile of your dreams.

Our Mission

  • Improve your oral health: A beautiful smile begins with a healthy foundation. An examination is very important to identify any potential issues that may hinder treatment.
  • In-Progress Maintenance: During your treatment, hygiene visits are recommended to occur every 4 months. Cleaning at home is much more difficult during this process, so every effort must be made to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Necessary Equipment: An electric (NOT battery-powered) toothbrush is recommended (any variety). This exponentially increases brushing efficiency, and will prevent cavities and enamel scarring from forming. Additionally, a fluoride rinse is recommended to strengthen your enamel and resist cavities from forming under brackets and in-between teeth.